Dr Rajesh K Pillania is the leading researcher on happiness in India, popularly called India’s Happiness Professor or India's Happiness Guru. He has written ten books/edited books/reports publication on Happiness such as Happiness Strategy book (2019); Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness (2020); India Happiness Report 2020, India Cities Happiness Report 2020, World Happiness 2021 and India Happiness 2022. These works are the first of their kind in India.  His work is endorsed by many global leading thinkers in happiness, including professors from Harvard, Stanford etc; HH Dalai Lama and Marshall Goldsmith, the #1 Executive coach; and leaders from industry. He has taught and trained 1000s of students and executives on happiness strategy and gets excellent feedback from participants. His teaching and training focuses on adding value to the participants by explaining concepts in an innovative simple and fun way focusing on application of concepts using experiential learning.


Professor Pillania is rated and awarded the Top Professor of Strategy in India by The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM) and Education Post. He is ranked jointly number one in average research productivity among management faculty (including IIMs/IITs) in India for research output from 1968 to 2014 [By Prof Ramdhar Singh of IIM Banglore and others in 2015 which was published in a reputed international journal titled Omega in 2017]. He is on the advisory board of many esteemed international research journals¸ professional bodies and conferences consisting of leading international academicians¸ industry leaders and policymakers.

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The research is focused on two broad areas. The first one is on the frontiers of happiness, strategy and innovation and the second one is on democratizing happiness, strategy, and innovation. For frontiers of happiness, strategy and innovation, he is involved with a number of esteemed international research journals and has written research reports, papers and books. For democratizing happiness, strategy and innovation, he has published innovative humourous books which are available on Amazon, offers workshops, and writes in popular media.


The training programs are based on experiential learning. In these training programs, one finds the concepts are explained in simple and fun ways. Participants are engaged in applying the concepts using analysis and reflections. The training programs are available as 1-2 days in-company training programs. These programs are designed for senior management.

Innovation Made Easy & Fun for All

Innovation for High Performance

Strategy Made Easy & Fun for All

Disruptive Strategy

Strategy for High Performance

Happiness Strategy

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For CXOs on happiness, innovation and strategy.

Happiness, innovation and strategy are made to appear very complex, challenging, and ivory tower subjects. Happiness, innovation and strategy can be applied in a simple and fun way in various parts of life and life itself. That is what this coaching is all about!

Fun Facts!

He practices what he teaches, i.e. life needs to be lived! He enjoys his work as well as other things in life such as sports, cycling, juggling, adventure sports, traveling, music, movies, meditation and humour in life!

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