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Happiness Diary

“Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness” is a journal exploring how to bring happiness to one’s life on a daily basis by practicing happiness daily. The diary is unique in many ways, and three main unique points are shared here. First, though it is based on and draws from various disciplines and is comprehensive in coverage, it is deliberately kept brief and simple, saving readers a lot of time. Second, rather than just talking a lot of theoretical knowledge, it focuses on experiments and experiencing happiness. Third, it is action-oriented and suggests small and applicable changes on a daily basis. This Happiness Dairy is endorsed and praised by global thought leaders.

This is also available in digital format. Organisations can customize it a bit and add messages from the leadership for its employees.


Happiness Strategy

The primary purpose of this book is to explain strategy in a simple, fun, and applicable way. It uses the subject of personal happiness to explain strategy concepts for everyone.  The secondary purpose of the book is to make happiness easy for everyone. This book defines happiness in a simple way. It makes it easy for everyone to bring happiness to their lives with the help of strategy concepts.                                                                                    

Smile and have fun!

The Big Bang Theory

  • Learning needs to be fun.

  • It should be memorable.

  • It must be applied.

The above three principles are the reason behind this book. This book tries to explain forty essential strategy concepts in a fun and memorable way while engaging the reader to apply these concepts. This book explains strategy concepts by using incidents from the very popular American TV show The Big Bang Theory.

Have fun!


Startup Strategy Humour

Startup Strategy Humour: Democratizing Startup Strategy brings a fresh, innovative and a bit funny perspective to the subject by using a cartoon, conversation and story format to explain startup strategy concepts in a user friendly, easy to understand, easy to relate, easy to remember, and application oriented way. It democratizes startup strategy and takes it to masses. The book is a good read for anyone interested in startups or entrepreneurship. It is widely appreciated both by academicians and industry professionals including many founders.

Strategic Humour

Strategy is one of the most widely mis-used and mis-understood terms in management. In earlier times, educated priests in India used Sanskrit language as the primary form of all literature. However, this meant that all the information was out of reach for majority of the Indians. Strategy holds a similar position in the literate world today. It is often related as something of interest to a limited few in the top management of organisations. It is often considered a serious and difficult concept.

Strategic Humour is an attempt to democratise strategy and align it to day-to-day concepts in a manner that it would allow a majority of us to relate with it. It adds an element of humour and joy in learning about strategy.It is hilarious, simple, applicable, incisive and good read for corporate executives, academicians, trainers and students.


Emerging Themes in Strategy

The concept of strategy is centuries old. However, business strategy field has come into picture mainly in the last century. Strategy in business literature is a relatively newer term and is still evolving. In the 1960s the focus was on long range planning, in 1970s on portfolio approach, in 1980s on competitive strategy and in 1990s on core competencies and resource based view of the firm. For the major part of the last century the focus of business strategy has been primarily on the USA, Western Europe and Japan and in their context. It is understandable because firstly, Europe had taken lead in the Industrial Revolution and USA became the dominant economic power post World War II followed by Western Europe and later joined by Japan.

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