Happiness Dairy
My Experiments with Happiness

“Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness belongs to a family of positive psychological interventions which appear to work out positively on happiness in the sense of life-satisfaction.”

Dr. Ruut Veenhoven,

Pioneer and World Authority on the Scientific Study of Happiness; Emeritus Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam; and, Director, World Database of Happiness.

Happiness Strategy

“Happiness is beautifully brought about by “Happiness Strategy”. A must-read.”


Sir Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala.

CEO, Wockhardt Foundation

India Happiness Report 2020

“A very timely, important, and insightful research report on perceived well being and happiness. It is timely because during the lockdown due to the COVID pandemic, people have appreciated time shared with the family is as important as earning income. It is important because while the traditional economic measures such as GDP and per capita income are good for measuring a person’s well being, it takes good health and healthy relationships to make people happy.. Finally, the report is insightful because, with a very large sample, it is able to measure differences within the country between the regions and the states.”

Padam Bhushan Professor Jagdish N Sheth, Ph.D.

Charles Kellstadt Professor of Business, Goizueta Business School, Emory University, Atlanta, USA. 

Strategic Humour

“I believe two things can get your message across to any reader…Simplicity and Humour….this book takes a complex concept called Strategy and gives you fifty simple ideas in a humorous way, what a wonderful way to learn and apply in real life!!”


Mr. Piyush Mathur

President India, Nielsen

Startup Strategic Humour

A great primer for startups. Thirty concepts have been taken up and explained in the most innovative way. The book covers most of the situations startups likely to face and gives solutions while asking some questions too. A must read for startups and those aspiring to start their own venture.


Padma Bhushan Ajai Chowdhry

Founder of HCL.

Love Strategy

I enjoyed reading the manuscript of Rajesh Pillania’s book. He illustrates Strategy by applying it to personal life. He addresses young people, who can benefit longest. He takes one of the two crucial strategic choices that the young have to make --- spouse; and career. He manages to illustrate almost all the concepts and models in the management literature on strategy formulation; implementation; and results. He gives examples of both an ethical, effective strategy of love; and a manipulative, ineffective approach. The book is simple; but, not simplistic. It is humorous, but not flippant. I wish him and the book all success; and even more success for young readers in starting happy marriages; and for older readers to enhance the joy in their marriages. 


Padma Bhushan Dr. Mrityunjay Athreya, Ph.D. (Harvard),

Independent Management Advisor, New Delhi. Ex-IIM Kolkata; and London Business School.