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Happiness Training Tool

(Based on Scientific Research)

Proposal for Happiness of Your Employees – Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness

For some years now, I have been working on a number of Happiness related projects such as Happiness Strategy book, India Happiness Report, India Cities Happiness Report besides teaching and training happiness. These happiness projects also involved leading global thoughts leaders on happiness. These projects are praised and endorsed by global thought leaders.

I have created a unique Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness is a journal exploring how to bring happiness to one’s life on a daily basis by practicing happiness daily. The diary is unique in many ways, and three main unique points are shared here. First, though it is based on and draws from various disciplines and is comprehensive in coverage, it is deliberately kept brief and simple, saving readers a lot of time. Second, rather than just talking a lot of theoretical knowledge, it focuses on experiments and experiencing happiness. Third, it is action-oriented and suggests small and applicable changes on a daily basis. This Happiness Dairy is endorsed and praised by global thought leaders.

For the happiness of your employees, use it in your organization. It is in digital format. You can co-brand it and add messages from your leadership for your employees. You can use it for an annual royalty. For more contact

Select Endorsements & Praise for Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness

“Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness belongs to a family of positive psychological interventions which appear to work out positively on happiness in the sense of life-satisfaction.”

Dr. Ruut Veenhoven, Pioneer and World Authority on the Scientific Study of Happiness; Emeritus Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam; and, Director, World Database of Happiness.

“Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness helps you to reflect on your current lifestyle, and how you might bring more happiness into your life. It provides self-assessment tools and diaries to chart your path. This book provides you with guidance through your journey for a happy life, I am sure it will help many in their search.”

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, a leading global authority in occupational health and wellness research, the 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. Former Advisor to the World Health Organization, ILO, and EU in the field of occupational health and well-being, Former Chair of the Global Agenda Council on Chronic Disease of the World Economic Forum (2009-2010).

 “I have great pleasure in recommending Dr. Rajesh Pillania’s Happiness Diary to all readers.  He has followed Gandhiji’s model of experimenting with oneself.  It is a “workbook”.  Very necessary.  In Management, starting from Mission, Vision and Strategy, “Systems and Processes” are most essential.  We need SoPs, Standard Operating Procedures.  This book is such a micro system for your own happiness.  It gives seven guiding principles.  One is to “Choose” happiness.  Abraham Lincoln said, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their mind to be”.  Another is, knowing about happiness is not enough.  That is our gyana shakti. Doing is more important.  Our ichha shakti is generally weaker.  He draws on Economics.  “Nudge” yourself towards Happiness.  The diary starts with a zero base self-assessment of yourself, on 11 dimensions, on a 7-point scale.  He suggests a daily schedule.  Such a plan, and adherence to it can prevent waste of time and days.  It need not be a lonely struggle.  The author suggests your small happiness group.  Also, a buddy, for mutual support, and reinforcement.  He ends with an annual diary.  January to November cover the above 11 dimensions. December is for review and reflections.  Dr. Pillania has given you a System for Happiness.  Do you have the “System Discipline” to follow it?  Develop it.  Be happy.  Spread happiness.”

Padma Bhushan Dr. M. B. Athreya, PhD (Harvard), Recognized as one of the founders and pioneers of the Indian Management Movement, including Management Education, Research and Consulting. Ex Professor London Business School & Ex Professor IIM- Calcutta.

“Happiness is needed for everyone. I often find we become prisoners of our own unhappiness. Books like this will definitely welcome to un-prison such prisoners.”

Prof. T. V. Rao, One of Founding Fathers of HRD in India, Former Professor, IIMA & Chairman, TVRLS.

“Happiness Diary: My Experiments with Happiness by Rajesh Pillania is an amazing tool to help us find happiness in our daily lives. It is the perfect complement to anyone who has read my book Ikigai. The Secrets of Japan for a Happy and Long Life”

Héctor García, co-author of the international best-seller IKIGAI.

“The Happiness Diary offers a great tool for anyone who wants to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.”

Charles Montgomery, award-winning Canadian writer known for his books The Last Heathen and Happy City; Urbanist; and, Happy City’s founding principal

“Read this book and use the Happiness Diary if you want to lead a more fulfilling and happy life.  I found it most impactful!”

Professor Jochen Wirtz, Vice Dean MBA Programmes, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore.

“Prof. Rajesh has done a wonderful job of creating Happiness Diary 2021 with timeline, so that you can start walking on a relevant path.”

Professor K. S. Momaya, Chairman, Technology and Strategic Management Area, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management (SJMSOM), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB).

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